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A little about me
I am a stay at home mom with 3 wonderful sons ranging in age from 13 years apart and and the two smaller ones are 13 months apart. My oldest is 19 years old !!
I started working during high school in the co-op plan at a daycare where I then stayed for 8 yrs in which I was a single mother supporting my first child solely and I worked days for 10 hours and then sent myself to school for 4 hours a night while acquiring my Associate's Degree as a Computer Software Specialist.
I then went on from school and worked in the oil and gas field for 11 years as a buyer for a major Oil and Gas company. I am married to a wonderful man whom as well works in the oil and gas field and is away from home working in North Dakota 2 weeks at a time.
I luckily was blessed to be able to quit working in April of 2010 where I stumbled upon the opportunity to become a consultant for Ambit Energy in which I then turned to the internet seeking customers which led me to  stumbled upon the massive opportunities of working from home that I never knew existed . Thus here I am today primarily showing people with this site how to eliminate household bills and numerous ways to have THEM pay YOU and various other ways to make money from home, wether it be for spare change or to fire your boss !!