Endyour9to5 - MY WATER STORE - Spring, TX
End your 9 to 5 - Company Message

Many of you have inquired of "what" exactly my "water" store is......

For several years I have researched as well as only drank alkaline water. I was supplying my needs easily while living in Houston with surrounding stores in the area, however, upon moving to Jacksonville Texas, I now drive at about once a month or so to refill my water.

Upon moving here I have noticed poor water resources as well as much more illnesses it seems.

I would like to open my own water store franchise as you can find out more here 

I would like to utilize my store OF COURSE to let others have resources to the water and how it helps out bodies with many illnesses and other benefits and even the mere fact that tumors can NOT survive in this environment.

I have plans to open up my shop to other vendors as well for "parties" such as scentsy, papparazzi, etc what ever YOU promote as well as a prayer room so we all know we have a place that really cares .

I'm currently seeking to open my store and do appreciate and acknowledge all support on this 

you can click here to find out more on that