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Welcome to my page !
I appreciate you being here and reading up on details, but if your into a quicker go to, please click here 

A little about me--
I created this site back in 2010 when I decided to terminate my career in corporate America and be blessed to stay at home with my children.

At that time I had a 12 year old, a one year old and a newborn (all boys !) Team Boy Mom 100% right here !(now 24, 9 and 10)
Through the years I tried every online shindig there was ..yep you name it, I did it or know of it ! LOL 
I love a challenge and although blessed to be home with my children still needed to be busier LOL , Yes call me crazy lol !

Through the years I DID NOT become a millionaire or top leader in anything BUT I have done several things that have benefited my family

I have cut down or eliminated most if not ALL our utility bills. 
(electricity, cable, and cell phone. These are either FREE or reduced and the cable and cell phone actually pay ME a little each month on top of FREE service)

I have fully researched our bodies and proper nutrients and get our vitamins and supplements free! 
(These are FREE each month to myself and children and pay me as well each Tuesday at noon PLUS so many other great products we need that I can help you with as well)

I am part of an awesome community that helps funds new projects ...much like many things as the as seen on tv products, and even video games and music ...really many things and vs these people / inventors going to banks or other resources for funding, they come to us as a community and WE help fund these projects and in return we receive lifetime royalties any time these item are sold and they continue generation to generation even after we are gone !

You can as well click here to see some of the awesome products we have already supported and readily available to you as well 

I'm also part of a couple opportunities due to these being 1. FREE and 2. because of the benefits of the products that I myself find beneficial and use SO WHY not get paid off simple things like my shampoo and
tea I drink that flattens my belly and keeps my body clean ? 

And last but not least I'm part of this awesome Christian little boutique that just has the greatest gifts and help spread the Word of God !

I am wholeheartedly here to help anyone in any way !

Look around this website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact where provided !

Via email: endyour9to5submissions@gmail.com

Via text or call: 281-236-4798

Via facebook personal facebook page: 


 (all responses are within 24 hrs Monday through Friday as no one is in the office on the weekends) 


I hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to my website. There's always something new in my life to share !
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